Emergency and Specialized Services

Don't let downtime define you. Get expert industrial repairs, 24/7.

At KPIC, we specialize in preventive maintenance and emergency repair services. From pinpointing issues to complete overhauls, our comprehensive services keep your facility running smoothly. We understand the critical importance of minimizing downtime, which is why we offer round-the-clock emergency support and maintain a well-stocked inventory of parts to expedite repairs.

General Maintenance & Repairs

Our skilled technicians handle all your industrial needs, from routine maintenance to emergency repairs.

24/7, 365 Emergency Breakdown & Techincal Support

Never stop. We're here with 24/7 emergency breakdown and technical support.

Preventative Maintenance Inspection

Prevent costly downtime with our proactive preventative maintenance inspections complete with comprehensive reporting.

Shutdown & Relief Support

We minimize downtime with strategic shutdown support, optimizing crew effectiveness during planned outages or access to skilled professionals for operational relief.

Electrical & Automation

We offer comprehensive electrical services from field install, troubleshooting & inspections.

Fabrication & Welding

We deliver solutions for your fabrication needs, from custom metalwork to expert welding.

Laser Alignment

We utilize cutting-edge laser alignment technology for optimal equipment performance and mitigating equipment failures.

Thermal Imaging

Unlock preventive maintenance insights with advanced infrared scans of your facility’s electrical systems.

Routine Maintenance & Inspections

Secure your operations for unmatched reliability and efficiency

At KPIC, we are dedicated to enhancing the longevity of client equipment through consistent maintenance routines. Our unique and expert process efficiently identifies and documents repair needs, primarily stemming from natural usage wear. Through comprehensive assessments and subsequent client consultations, we not only address immediate issues and craft a strategic maintenance roadmap, enhancing budgeting effectiveness.